OIE Regional and Sub-Regional Representations for Middle East


Regional Representations of the OIE are established in accordance with Article 33 of the General Rules, under the responsibility of a Regional Representative, to provide OIE Member Countries with services that are better adapted and in closer proximity to the Member Countries of the region concerned, and with a view to the strengthening of animal disease surveillance and control within the region.  Sub‐Regional Representations are established under same rules, under responsibility of a Sub‐Regional Representatives.

The goal of the Representations the OIE maintains in regional level (in Africa,Americas,Asia and the Pacific,Europe,Middle East) is to provide regionally adapted services to OIE Members to strengthen their engagement and participation in OIE activities.

Mandate and rules for OIE Regional Representations

Our Mission

Regional Representation for Middle East

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Sub-Regional Representation of Abu Dhabi

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